The First Step To Solving A Problem Is Recognizing That You Have One


Here’s Your Problem: 


You Don’t Know How To Build a WordPress Website

If this is your problem then…


  • You don’t know where or how to get started with WordPress

  • So you start watching tutorials on youtube, but they just leave you more confused and overwhelmed because they end up being vague and not what you’re looking for

  • And everytime your to do list just gets longer and longer
  • Then you start feeling like your website will never get done and your business will never grow.


Now, Imagine How Much Easier It Would Be If… 

  • You had step by step action plan to create a beautiful WordPress Website with ease

  • You could learn exactly what you needed to learn and stop running from one tutorial to another without any direction

  • you could finally finish the website you’ve been dreaming about and feel proud of it too

That’s Exactly What My 1:1 WordPress Tech Trainings Are For

You’ll tell me your #1 problem and I’ll give you the step by step action plan to get your solution

Here’s What’s Included


PreTraining Questionaire


One 60 Min Video Call


Step By Step Action Plan

Perfect for you if…

You’re struggling to get around wordpress and need a step by step action plan to create a strategic and elegant website.


Not perfect for you if…

You want a quick fix. Without putting in the work that’s required to get the results that you’re looking for.


Here’s How Its Going Down


Pre - Training Questionaire

Once you have scheduled your training. You’ll recieve a questionaire from me (quick & easy). Here you’ll help me uncover your main struggles with wordpress. So I can be able to give you a training that’s specific to your needs.


One 60 Min Video Call

It’s Training Time! Our call will take place through zoom. I’ll email a link of the meeting ahead of time. If you don’t allready have zoom installed you’ll have to install it on your computer. 


Step By Step Action Plan

I’ll send you a list of all the action steps that I talked about with you. So you won’t have to worry if you missed anything while on the call with me.

Get the right guidance and help by your side

“I’ve never seen anyone more committed to excellence than Janet.  She is extremely organized, structured and has great attention to detail. Working with her has been a life saver! Not only is she awesome at what she does, her passion to help others succeed makes her work shine even brighter. ” 

Naiana Miranda


“What I like most about working with Janet is her attention to detail and her commitment to the projects she works on. I am very impressed by her organization, and her ability to anticipate any issues that may arise. Janet is great at creating solutions and generating ideas that help her clients succeed. She listens to her clients and provides services based on their needs and desires for their business. I’m so excited to have been able to work with such a fantastic woman.”

Maisha Hudson

Owner, Sensual Energy Alchemist

 Janet’s uber organizational skills coupled with her ‘take action’ attitude kept our four-person team moving forward. She knew the tasks we needed to complete and gently nudged our team along to keep us all on track. Janet used her creativity and resourcefulness to determine the best tech tools to quickly and efficiently get up a website and organize a plan.  Along with her checklists and step by step action plans, Janet always showed up in a positive and energetic way making working with her easy and enjoyable.

Sarah Weller

Owner, PaperTechie

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Training Kinda Like Coaching?

No. Coaching is about letting you figure things out on your own, with some guidance. My training sessions are solely focused on solving a specific problem you’re having with wordpress and giving you the action plan to solve the problem. (Problem being that you don’t know how to create a wordpress website.)

What is your refund policy?

If I have given you all the delivarables for this training, then I won’t be giving you a refund. But If you decide to cancel the training before 24 hours you will get a full refund. 

How can I know if this is right for me?

Well, if you don’t know how to create a WP website and you would like to create one on your own because money is tight and you aren’t able to hire a designer then this is right for you.

What if I just wanted you to do everything for me?

Unfortunately I cannot do everything for you within this package. But if you want me to design a website for you, then you can check out my Creative Journey package right here.

You don’t have to do it alone, we can do it together