You Want A Website

Or you already have a website, but it sucks.

Either way you have a problem:

Designing A Website Isn’t Your Zone Of Genius

If this is your problem then…


  • You probably have an idea of how your site should look and feel

  • But you don’t know how to make it come to life

  • You’ve tried doing it by yourself, but nothing comes out the way you want it

  • You see all these online business owners with beautifull websites (and you secretly want your website to look just like theirs)

  • So you end up feeling stuck, overwhelmed and behind

  • You even start believing that your business will never grow and that you might be wasting your time

Now, Imagine How Much Easier It Would Be If… 

  • You had a simple to use and elegant website

  • You could start converting those visitors into high paying clients

  • You stopped comparing yourself to others becuase your website is exactly how you want it to be

  • You could work along with a designer who gets you, who gets your business and gets you results

  • Your business grew and you started to do the work you so dreamt about doing

That’s Exactly What I’ll Do For You

Perfect for you if…

You’re clear of what you do, and who you want to serve and you want a designer to create and elegant website for your customer to buy from you.

This is also for you if you are a virtual company that sells online digital products or services.


Not perfect for you if…

You don’t know what you want to sell or who you want to sell it to. And you have no content ready. 

This is also not for you if you are a retail online business. For example, selling wholsale products, clothing or any other physical products. 


Here’s What’s Included

Pre-Journey Questionaire

Welcome Kit


One 60 Min Strategy Session

Wordpress Website

All Design Files

Post Journey Support

Here’s How Its Going Down


You'll Answer The Pre-Journey Quesions

Before you save your seat I have a few questions from you. After you answer these questions and I decide if we are the best fit for your jounery, I’ll send you an invoice of your first deposit of $97.

Download The Welcome Kit

Once you have saved your seat. I’ll be sending you The Welcome Kit. Inside you’ll find all your project details and homework to set up your content before we start.


We'll hop on a 60 Min Video Call

We’ll talk strategy and design. Our call will take place through zoom. I’ll email a link of the meeting ahead of time. If you don’t allready have zoom installed you’ll have to install it on your computer. 


I'll Design Your WordPress Website

Chill, relax and go for a walk while your website is being designed. In two weeks I’ll design your fully responsive wordpress website.

You'll Review & Send Final Edits

Revisions are only done once. So I’ll give you 3 days to give me feedback and what you want to be edited. You can request minor edits such as color, fonts change or headline copy edits etc.

Ready! Set! Launch!

After final edits are made I’ll be testing your site for broken links and mobile responsiveness accross all browsers. If all is well then we’ll be ready to launch!

“Start before you’re ready” – Marie Forleo

I’ve never seen anyone more committed to excellence than Janet.  She is extremely organized, structured and has great attention to detail. Working with her has been a life saver! Not only is she awesome at what she does, her passion to help others succeed makes her work shine even brighter. ” 

Naiana Miranda


What I like most about working with Janet is her attention to detail and her commitment to the projects she works on. I am very impressed by her organization, and her ability to anticipate any issues that may arise. Janet is great at creating solutions and generating ideas that help her clients succeed. She listens to her clients and provides services based on their needs and desires for their business. I’m so excited to have been able to work with such a fantastic woman.”

Maisha Hudson

Owner, Sensual Energy Alchemist

 “Janet’s uber organizational skills coupled with her ‘take action’ attitude kept our four-person team moving forward. She knew the tasks we needed to complete and gently nudged our team along to keep us all on track. Janet used her creativity and resourcefulness to determine the best tech tools to quickly and efficiently get up a website and organize a plan.  Along with her checklists and step by step action plans, Janet always showed up in a positive and energetic way making working with her easy and enjoyable.”

Sarah Weller

Owner, PaperTechie

The Nitty Gritty Details

What exactly will I be getting after I buy this service?

The Creative Journey Includes:

  • Welcome Kit (Includes strategy homework to help you come up with your brand copy, content and photoshoot. You’ll get this as soon as you pay the $97 deposit to secure your seat, even though your start date is weeks ahead.) 
  • Premium Theme (I’ll buy this)
  • Design of 6 Core Pages: Home | About Me | Services| Portfolio| Blog | Contact
  • Design of 1 Landing Page Template (To use for future products or sevices)
  • Design of 5 Core Opt-in Forms: Pop-up | Midpage Opt-in | Footer Opt-in | In Post Opt-in | Sidebar Opt-in
  • Implementation of any CRM System of your choice. (Infusionsoft, dubsado etc.)
  • 10 FREE WordPress Plugins:  Social Media Share Buttons | Acunetix Security | Contact Form| Jetpack Tracking | Googgle Analytics | Yoast SEO | Sumo Me | Any Fonts | WP Backup | Comment Form


  • Social Media Kit: $97
  • Logo and Favicon: $149
  • Photo Editing: $197
  • Copy Writting: $297
  • Premium Plugins: You buy it and send me the dowload to put it in your website.
What's The Full Investment of The Creative Journey?

The Full investment is $1,397.

Do you offer payment plans?


Option #1: $97 Deposit –> Followed By Full Payment of $1,300 USD, 24 hours before we have our strategy session.


Option #2: $97 Deposit –> Followed by a first payment of $650 USD, 24 hrs before we have our strategy session.

        And then the last payment of $650 before we launch your site.

Note: A $97 USD deposit is required to save your seat at the creative journey table with me.

What is your refund policy?

If I delivered your project, there won’t be any refunds. If you decide to cancel your project before I start to design then I will give you a full refund.

How can I know if this is right for me?

Well, this is right for you if…

You’re a female entrepreneur who is either starting out or has existing clients .

You want to build a simple to use and elegant looking website so you can have clients buy your products and services.

You’re not in the mood to deal with the tech stuff because you’re not tech savvy. 

You’re ready to start converting those visitors into high paying clients.

You want to work along with a designer who gets you, who gets your business and knows her stuff.

You’re ready to invest in your business.

How long will my project take?

3 Weeks Flat. This is assuming that you have all your content ready by the time we quick off your creative journey.

How many projects do you take per month?

 2 projects. This gives me the opportunity to give my full attention to your project.

How do I know about the progress of my website?

I use ASANA; a project management app where once I finish a task and mark it completed, you will get notified by email, and you’ll also recieve instant notifications when you download the mobile app.

Do you provide hosting?

No. I usually reccommend my clients to use Blue Host. It’s what I personally use.

What do I need before we can get started?

You’ll need to have all the content ready, and your photoshoot should have been taken or at least have a scheduled date with the photographer. And most importantly you need to save your seat for the month that you want to start your project since I only take 2 projects a month.

I have more questions. How can I get in contact with you?

You can send me an email at Or you can tell me all the details about your project here.

You don’t have to do it alone, we can do it together