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I'm interested in working with you, how do I get started?
Awsome! Click here to let me know about your project and then I’ll take it from there.
What are your payment options?

Payment Options:

If I’m creating the web design in my own content management system I require any of these two payment options.

  • 2 installments of total project investment (First payment requested before project starts and 2nd payment upon launch of your new website.)
  • 3 installments of total project investment (First payment before project starts, 2nd payment within 3 weeks of starting the project and last payment upon the launch of your site).

 If I’m creating the web design in your own content management system I require this payment option

  • 1 full payment of total project investment (before project starts).
What did you use to build your website?
 I use wordpress. It is my preffered content management system, that can give my clients control of their website even after I’m done working with them.
What are your prices?
I'm new in wordpress, can you walk me through it?
At the end of phase 3, I’ll give you a bonus 30 min WordPress Training. This training is only to guide you through the main components that I think you need to know in order to have control over your site. I do not give tutorials, if you want to learn more about wordpress I recommend that you go to
How do you accept payments?
I accept payments via paypal, credit or debit card.
How do I know about the progress of my website?
I use ASANA; a project management app where once I finish a task and mark it completed, you will get notified by email, and you’ll also recieve instant notifications on your mobile app.
Who did your website design?
I did it myself, design brand and development as well
How long does the proccess take?
Approximatly 2 months. Also this time depends on how big or small your project is. And if all the content is ready.
Do you do refunds? And what's the policy?
If I have started your project (phase 1), and your paying in installments, I do not give refund.

If you payed me and full and I started your project (phase 1), I refund you back 70% of the full amount.

If you payed in full, and your project is halfway done, meaning that your project is in phase 2 (4th week). I refund 50% of the full amount.

If project reaches phase 3, no refund is given.

How many clients do you take a month?
2 clients. This gives me the opportunity to put my full attention to your project.
Do you provide copy writing service?
I’m not a professional copy writer, but I do know some of the basic tools to communicate effectively with your customers. I don’t write the copy for you, but I can provide with guidance, so you can create outstanding copy.
Do you provide hosting?
No. I usually reccommend my clients to use Blue Host. It’s what I personally use.
What do I need before we can get started?
You’ll need to have all the content ready, and your photoshoot should have been taken or at least have a scheduled date with the photographer.



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