Hi! I'm Janet.

I’m here to help you create your WordPress website.


I’ll create your website so you can focus on what’s most important to you. 

I believe you have the ability to make a difference by expressing your creative ideas through an online platform that captures attention and converts visitors into lifelong fans.”


I’ll love to work with you. C’me on over and see what I got for you.


Wanna Know More?

I write, I sing (in the shower, of course) and I like to spend time reading interesting books.  And obviously I love creating websites! Am fascinated with Grey’s Anatomy and the Vampire Diaries on Netflix.  Idk, maybe I just like to watch bloody scenes.

I’m pretty damn organized, and I don’t like cooking. I prefer to spend those hours writing on my day planner, everything that needs to get done for next week.  Trust me, it’s not always that easy to keep things organized in my life. But I happen to manage it just fine, for now. So yeah, I work from home, and I bartend on weekends. And I have a baby boy who I truly adore.

I listen to R&B, hiphop (drake is my favorite) and I love to dance bachata. Am pretty darn good at it, too. Of course am dominican. My dad taught me well. I don’t like teddy bears or dolls, they always give me the creeps. Mostly at night. I hate shopping, cuz I never find something that I like fast. So end up getting frustrated.


Where Am I Going?

I’m going to a place where a smile is the first reaction I see from the person that I interact with. Where poverty is not a social issue, it’s the past. Where love is the primary emotion, not the last. And where women aren’t vulnerable and soft, but strong and courageous.


How will I get there?

By helping people unlock their greatest potential. By contributing my time and energy to eliminate poverty. By loving the people I can reach and empowering woman to come out of their safe cages and into the wild creative jungle. Because it’s just feels freaking amazing to be out here!

I’ll love to get to know you. C’me on over and say hello. Don’t be shy!

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