Hola! I'm Janet. 

Do you want a website that sells with style?

Or maybe you already have a website, but it sucks. Cause designing a website just ain't your thing. And the technical stuff. uhh forget about it! It just makes you want to pull your hair out. Either way you have an idea of your dream website, how it should look and feel, but you simply don't know how to make it happen.

I get you kiddo. I been there, I feel you’re frustration. And I know it sucks. When I started my business, I felt confused, anxious and totally burned out cause I could visualize my dream website, but it just seemed imposible to get done.

At that time I would remodel my site, changing the colors, fonts and pictures everyday. Never being truly satisfied with the way it looked. I had no idea what my copy should say. And the techi part of all this work was also driving me loca. But I love challenges and through out the years I have taught myself how to create websites that sell with style. And this is what i want to help you with.

I'll help you build your dream website.

So you can focus on making a difference with your work.

Now, here's the deal. Either I teach you how to get it done or I do it for you. All you gotta do is choose.

But before you go on and explore your options. I want you to know this...

Creating a website that is designed with heart and sells with style is not easy work. That's why I don't work with everyone.

I work with heart-centered entrepreneurs. With doers and hustlers. The kind that don't mind getting their hands dirty to get the results that they want. Cause they know that anything worth having must be done with hard work and hustle. I don’t work with slackers, or closed-minded people who think that success should happen overnight.

So if you think that you're a heart-centered entrepreneur that I can work with, then scroll down to explore your options. 

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