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The Secret To Handling Big + Risky Decisions

I’m gonna be straightforward with you today. Your thoughts have a great impact on how you use your energy. And more importantly on the decisions you make on an everyday basis. But, something else is true. You can’t control your thoughts, yet what you can do is be...

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How to end your procrastination for good

Do you ever have days that you feel like not waking up? It’s one of those days when you wake up feeling lousy and just in the mood to even start checking things off your to do list. I totally get it. I have those days too. In fact, I had that day yesterday morning. I...

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[POEM] My Battle Of The Day

 I got something very different for you today. Yup, it’s a poem! From time to time I like to switch my weekly newsletter to give you something I called “Wisdom Bites”. Which are my thoughts of the week transformed into one inspiring poem. Today I will like to inspire...

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